G6 Honors 2023 CEO Award Winners

G6 Hospitality recently celebrated the efforts of those who went above and beyond during our 2023 CEO Awards event. These annual awards honor exceptional individuals and teams who have stood out for their efforts and serve as an opportunity for us to recognize those who have been instrumental in moving our Brands forward, while continuously demonstrating our values.

The 2023 CEO Award winners are:



Team Award Winners

Oracle – ESB Upgrade & Data Warehouse Migration Project Team – Led by Brijesh Ravindran and Deepa Unni

Team members: Rama Dwarampudi, Elvin Gaban, Wayland Stringer, Vineela Nadella, Yanina Jonesan, Ruben Davidson, Lee Ferdinand, Steve Ham, Matt Kalmbach, Clarissa Tran, Anil Wadhwani, Yasi Saleem, Mallory Voye, Cyndi Williams, Frank Zhou, George Thomassy, Carlos Torres, William Tam, Dave Redmond, Nina Guevara, Bob Willemsen, Steven Witkowski, Yolanda Perteet, Cynthia Green, Kwaku Asiedu, Veleka Vaughn, Hanna Shin and Mansi Turakhia

These team members navigated the data migration journey and Oracle upgrade. The project was on budget and on schedule due to their precision and flawless execution



Building Renovation Team – Led by Briana Harden, Jessica Cuellar, and Cathy Luce

Team members: Rusty Arrington, Johnny Mize, Jason Gentry, Dora Valero

The team demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, overseeing logistics to facilitate a smooth office renovation transition. As a result of their efforts, the office reopened on schedule with updated technology.

Individual Award Winners


 Dan Patel, Director, Franchise Development – Developer of the Year

Dan has always been known to go the extra mile to network and cultivate relationships with our owners whether it’s days, nights or weekends.  He exemplifies a genuine, kind spirit and is known to always puts others first.  He has closed 38 deals during his 18-month tenure with the company, with 26 of those deals taking place in 2023. His rapport with the owner community is impeccable and he is highly regarded by his network and peers alike.


Christy Williams, Dir., Brand Performance – Brand Performance Director of the Year

Christy is known for her strategic planning and always willing to volunteer for projects, lead initiatives and implement new and creative ideas. She was involved in standardizing templates for bi-monthly communications, as well as creating, executing and presenting the Studio 6 training.  She enjoys strong relationships with her peers and the owners she supports; and, her work has led to outstanding quality scores.


Tim Roush, Dir., Brand Performance – Heart for Service Award

Tim has been instrumental in maintaining high-performing teams at the corporate properties before, during, and after the transition to a fully-franchised model. He is a guiding light to his team as he focuses on his area while supporting the corporate location and driving high operational standards.


Curt Eiffert, VP, Franchise Development Services – Impact Player of the Year

Curt is truly like a Swiss army knife.  He serves a vital role in his department while supporting all aspects of the business.  He consistently demonstrates a proactive and results-oriented approach in various projects and is always willing to step out of his element to advise other teams in need.


Jason Gentry, Manager, IT Client Services – Lightkeeper Award

Jason brings a high level of commitment, transparency, and honesty to his team and the teams he supports. A true asset to this company, Jason always makes himself available and takes pride in learning new technology, researching it, and teaching it to the rest of the organization to the best of his abilities. Jason has been instrumental in different projects including the building renovation. His contributions to our business are beyond count and we are grateful for his ongoing leadership and support.


Amy McCaffrey, Director, Franchise Revenue Management

Amy responded swiftly to an urgent need by filling a void left by a sudden departure in a client’s team. Her critical learnings and feedback played a pivotal role in successfully launching the new Paid Services Program. Her enthusiasm and commitment shaped the program’s services and offerings. She consistently receives positive feedback that highlights her dedication and adaptability.  Her efforts have played a key role in shaping a positive outlook for the program in 2024.


Kwaku Asiedu, Financial Analyst

Kwaku stepped up to expanded responsibilities and quickly immersed himself in the complex aspects of the cash model, dedicating necessary time to learn the meticulous process. Despite lacking prior Treasury experience, Kwaku took full ownership of the project, updating it weekly and addressed variance questions for senior management. Kwaku also proactively anticipated the needs during the Silicon Valley Bank Crisis, preventing potential losses.


Joshua Scalf, Sr. Manager, Financial Accounting & Reporting

Joshua played a major role in managing and preparing the company’s GAAP financial statements and audit requests, taking on a task previously handled by multiple team members. He demonstrated expertise, hard work, and ownership in becoming one of the company’s experts in the debt agreement and reporting requirements. Joshua’s contributions have been pivotal in ensuring financial compliance, transparency, and efficiency for G6.


Brandon Howe, Manager, Franchise Admin Compliance

Brandon is known for being a team player. He successfully adapted to ongoing changes in business and processes, showcasing resilience and flexibility. Brandon improved current processes and managed the default and termination strategy for the business, demonstrating effective leadership. He is always willing to assist others and consistently offers valuable contributions to his team and organization.



Wes Young, VP, Legal & Compliance

Wes has worked to improve cost and efficiency in reporting culminating in a staggering $100k savings for the Legal budget. His contribution to replace RedFlag incident reporting with Navex included looking at data analytics for Legal Tracker reporting. Wes embodies Respect and Care in his daily interactions. His commitment to excellence is reflected in the lasting impact he has made on optimizing both cost and efficiency within the Legal department.


Elizabeth Ruiz, Manager, Communication

Elizabeth has gracefully juggled through the many communications requests made, seeking to understand the purpose and content, and working with leaders to develop appropriate messages through various mediums. She has been a major contributor to the Town Hall production team, the Velocity video board content, and has also made appearances as our company news reporter and show host. Elizabeth is also passionate about contributing to an engaging team environment as Secretary for the CODE@6 team.